Melbourne Attack: Crazed Man or Act of Terror?


Two men have been arrested in Australia after a possible terror attack in Melbourne.

Nineteen people were injured when the men allegedly plowed their vehicle into pedestrians in a busy Christmas shopping district.

It was 4:30 p.m. Thursday Melbourne time.  People were in the city’s central shopping district, doing some Christmas shopping.  Suddenly, a white SUV seemed to come out of nowhere, plowing into pedestrians at a busy intersection

Some of the victims were seriously injured.  Local media reported 13 victims were taken to hospitals — including a pre-school-aged child with serious head injuries.

Police are being cautious about whether it was an act of terror. 

“At this stage, we believe it is a deliberate act and I repeat that, at this stage, we believe it is a deliberate act,” said  Victoria State Police Commander Russell Barrett. “However, we do not know the motivation and it is still early stages of the investigation.”

Police say the driver is an Australian citizen of Afghan descent who has a known history of drug use and mental health issues.

When the vehicle stopped, a crowd of people gathered around the driver, pulled him from the vehicle and held him until police arrived. Later, authorities took a second man into custody.

 “It’s bloody horrific…”It’s really scary obviously,” said a witness at the scene. “It’s like shocking and surprising that it happened again. So, I’m speechless.”

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